The Adult Developer & Capacity Expert

RaQuel Hopkins: The Capacity Expert

Hello, I’m RaQuel Hopkins, founder of Success is Complicated. My journey began in the realm of HR, climbing to VP of HR for a global telecommunications firm before venturing into coaching and mental health. Holding a BS in Business, an MBA in International Business, and a Master’s in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling, my career has been dedicated to transcending traditional coping mechanisms in the pursuit of genuine thriving.

Success is Complicated was born from personal and professional revelations that adulthood demands continuous growth and adaptation. This led me to develop the “4 Dimensions of Capacity,” a framework designed to cultivate profound capacities in Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Relationship Building, and Professional Leadership. These aren’t just skills, but transformative qualities that equip individuals to navigate the complexities of life and work with resilience and adaptability.

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